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Impact Report - 2020

Introducing our first Impact Report, where we measure the impact of our work beyond just the product – covering people, planet, and policy.


Press Releases

Ather Energy raises $128Mn in Series E round of funding

12th May, 2022

Ather Energy introduces its first Impact Report, reiterating its commitment to social, environmental, and economic sustainability

27th July, 2021

Ather Energy begins retail operations in Jaipur

9th April, 2021

Ather Energy begins retail operations in Pune

17th February, 2021

Ather Energy fast forwards its expansion plan : Adds 16 new markets

11th December, 2020

Ather Energy begins setting up of one of India’s biggest public charging infrastructure with Ather Grid across India

10th October, 2020 Images included

Ather Energy invites dealers to set up experience centers across India

3rd January, 2020

Ather Energy opens its proprietary fast-charging connector for other OEMs to drive faster adoption of EVs

10th August, 2021

Ather Energy now in Nashik, opens its first experience center in the city

13th August, 2021

Ather Energy continues its expansion spree, begins retail operations in the capital

2nd July, 2021

Ather Energy begins retail operations in Kochi

12th March, 2021

Ather Energy offers the first glimpse of its 123,000 sq. ft. EV manufacturing facility in Hosur, TN

12th February, 2021

The iconic Ather 450 gives way to the Ather 450X

28th November, 2020

Ather Energy unveils Ather 450X Series 1, the collectors’ edition

26th September, 2020

Ather Energy expands to Chennai: Launches Ather 450 in its second market

9th July, 2019

Ather Energy now in Indore, opens its first experience center in the city

3rd August 2021

Ather Energy opens its 2nd Experience Center in Bengaluru

28th June, 2021

Ather Energy begins retail operations in Hyderabad

21st February, 2021

Ather Grid now live across Mumbai

6th February, 2021

Ather Energy raises fresh round of funding: $35 Mn led by Sachin Bansal

7th November, 2020 Images included

Ather Energy introduces Ather 450X, the super scooter

28th January, 2020

Ather Energy raises $51Mn in the latest round of funding led by Sachin Bansal

28th May, 2019

Ather Space ( Experience Centre )

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Ather Leadership & Bio

Tarun Mehta (CEO & Co-founder) | Download Bio

 Sunitha Lal (CHRO) | Download Bio

Swapnil Jain (CTO & Co-founder) | Download Bio

Deepak Jain (CFO) | Download Bio

Ravneet Singh Phokela (CBO) | Download Bio

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